Abe's Angst
Quest - Abe's Angst
  • Earn one Creativity
  • Earn one Big Idea
  • Have a Unicorn Ranch (Friend or Foe Building for 750 Fame)
Quest Info
Quest NPC Abe Sullivan
Rewards 5000Simoleons XPx15 Creampuff Factory
Parent Quest The Fabulous Baker Boy
Biff Blows his Bonus

Quest BugEdit

There is a bug that will not count your earning of Creativity and Big Idea if you have the maximum amount already in your inventory. You can get around this error by spending Creativity and Big Ideas by either recruiting more students at the University or by upgrading buildings that use these collectibles. You can find the building that use them from the following links:

Upgrades that use CreativityEdit

Upgrades that use Big IdeasEdit

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