This quest was introduced on Oct 12, 2012.

It introduces the new NPC Dean Dean Martin .

The new landmark University is also introduced

The final reward is The Synermin Group

Sister ActEdit

to skip
Buy the Sorority House 3 Diamonds
Deliver Dean Martin 's Donation (at the Sorority House ) 3 Diamonds

Jobs for the GirlsEdit

to skip
Have a 3-Star History Museum 5 Diamonds
Have a 3-Star Botanical Gardens 5 Diamonds
Present Academic Achievement Awards (at the University ) 3 Diamonds

Frat Splat RampageEdit

to skip
Combine Rage and Manure at the Sorority House (3x non-repeatable)
Give Atomic Wedges (at the University ,5x non-repeatable) 10 Diamonds
Be total jerks at the Mocktail Bar (3x non-repeatable)

Caught Brown HandedEdit

Prize: 5000 Simoleons 8 Exp

Award: Flame of Eternal Friendship

to skip
Produce 25000 Simoleons 10 Diamonds
Deliver apologies to nerds (at the Hospital , 5x non-repeatable) 5 Diamonds
Clean up the Sorority House ... ewww! (3x non-repeatable) 3 Diamonds

Careering out of ControlEdit

Prize: 8 XP 2500 Materials

to skip
Send 5 Students to Work 5 Diamonds
Collect Vision 7 Diamonds
Collect Innovation 7 Diamonds

Hitting the BooksEdit

Award: 8 XP and Flair

to skip
Build a Bookstore Diamonds
Collect from 5 Student Jobs 5 Diamonds

Tomorrow's World TodayEdit

Award: 9 XP and Kaizen

Have a 1-Star University
Build a Business Park 10 Diamonds
Collect from a Business Park 5 Diamonds

Business MattersEdit

Awards: 25000 Simoleons 9 XP and an Office Building

to skip
Collect from 20 Businesses
Have 5 3-Star Businesses
Collect a Big Idea 15 Diamonds

Cracking the WhipEdit

Awards: 9XP and 2 Innovation

to skip
Send students to work at Businesses 3x 6 Diamonds
Send students to work at Attractions 3x 6 Diamonds
Collect Vision 5x 35 Diamonds

The Synermin ChallengeEdit

Awards: 7500 Simoleons and 10XP

to skip
Collect from 10 3-Star Businesses 10 Diamonds
Collect Entrepreneurship 33 Diamonds
Pay Investment Diamonds

Baby BenjaminEdit

Awards: 10 XP 5 Consultant

to skip
Produce 50000 Simoleons 15 Diamonds
Upgrade the Business Park to 1-Star 20 Diamonds

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