Black & White Widow
Black and White Widow
Gender female
Occupation Bride of Frankenstein

This Character was introduced during The Trick or Treat Trail! started the 25th of october 2012. She was the Questcharacter for the last 4 Quests of this Halloween Theme which where concluded by gaining a free Mad Scientist Lab.

Her story begins by introducing herself and asking you to hook her up. After a few actions like going speed dating and getting roses you help her get in better shape by doing a "21st century makeover" by visiting (2x collecting and 1 action at) your 1-star Boutiques and your Spa. After all this she decides that all your effort was worth nothing cause "If I want to find a good man, I'm going to have to build him myself!" so you end up collecting from your 1-star Funeral Home and 1-star Zombie Mall you earned in the first parts of The Trick or Treat Trail! and do an action at a Medical Research Facility. Since you got now all the parts together you need to practise your skill to assembly the perfect body she seeks (at a Mannequin Factory), get some Tesla Coils and ask other mayors for a last help and this concludes The Trick or Treat Trail!.

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