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Chapter 16: Breakout!

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New ArrivalEdit

Quest 16-1

Quest 16-1

  • Have at least Two Hospitals
  • Upgrade a Hospital to 2-Star
  • Make a House Calls (Visit House)

Going ViralEdit

Quest 16-2

Quest 16-2

  • Visit Neighbors
  • Talk to Diagnosticians in Neighboring Hospitals
  • Use X-rays

Fighting BackEdit

Ch16 fightingback
  • Formulate a Vaccine
  • Tend Chickens
  • Cure Outbreaks

A Shot in the ArmEdit

Quest 16-3

Quest 16-3

  • Vaccinates Citizens(Visit Houses to Vaccinates)
  • Distribute Vaccine to Friends(Distribute at Friend Mayor's House)
  • Have a 3-Star Hospital

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