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Houses are essential in your SimCity Social city planning. With more population in your city, you can unlock various buildings as well as purchase additional land area. Houses start with 4 population (2x2 House). You can increase population by placing houses near attractions, decorations and water. Each house can have a maximum population of 1,600.

Advanced HousingEdit

Normally, the level of house is limited to level 9. During this event, you can upgrade houses to reach up to level 11.

Level 10 houses were introduced on 24th January, 2013. To unlock them, they require :

1,000,000Simoleons, 200,000Materials 1,000Fame and 40High-Rise Blueprint .

Once unlocked, any level 9 building that would have a population of 1,080 will automatically upgrade.

Level 11 houses were introduced on 21st February, 2013. To unlock them, they require :

5,000,000Simoleons, 1,000,000Materials 5,000Fame and 80High-Rise Blueprint .

Once unlocked, any level 10 building that would have a population of 1,600 will automatically upgrade.

1 block Houses Edit

The small sized house that created by house, when they have only in 1x1 size

1 block Houses
Level Pop


Tiny Cabin

Tiny Cabin

Level2 4
Small House

Small House

Chalet Bungalow

Chalet Bungalow

Level3 10
Tiny Modern Home

Tiny Modern Home

Walk-in Bungalow

Walk-in Bungalow

Level4 20
Brick Walk-in

Brick Walk-in

Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower

Level Max 35
Small Deluxe Condo

Small Deluxe Condo

2 block Houses Edit

The short sized comes when the available area is less than 2x2. This type of house comes in size of 1x2 and 2x1.

We currently have no pictures of the buildings. :(

4 block Houses Edit

The regular sized house with size of 2x2 block

Level Pop
1 4 Cute House Garden Bungalow Nice Garden Home Nice Suburban Home Rural Family Home Verandah House
2 16 Dual-Family Homes Large Chalet Modern Villa Spanish Villa Stone Terrace Home Verandah Homes
3 40 Affluent Mansion Large Townhouse Modernist Suburban Small Apartments Victorian House Wooden Mansion
4 80 Balcony Apartments Brick 3-Story Cozy Compound Design Apartments Modern Apartments Level 4
5 140 Cozy Apartments Modern Apartments Stone Apartments Terraced Condos Tiered Condos
6 224 Affluent Apartments Designer Condos Downtown Condos Green Apartments Modern Condos Terraced Townhouse
7 336 Colorful High-Rise Deluxe High-Rise Downtown Homes High Society Condos Skylight Condos Urban Tower
8 480 High Society Tower Balcony Tower Deluxe Tower Futuristic Tower Modern Tower Serviced Apartments
9 660 High-Rise Compound
Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 10.54.03 PM

5 star condo, green

Luxury Skyscraper Tower Block Apts Turrace Compound Twin High-Rise
10 1,080 Escher Towers Piton Apartments Mayoral Suite Sunview Towers Cylinder Plaza Monolith Apartments


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