Lilith the Ghost
Gender female
Occupation retribution seeking ghost

This is the third character of The Trick or Treat Trail! introduced on 25th of October 2012.

Since she has risen from the dead to haunt the villains who raided her Grammy's tomb for bringing justice over them. Now you're in charge of her to find the right guys so she's not just attacking your city at random. At first you try to find some clues at the Graveyard and find yourself following a trail of hints from her what brings you the clue that the guys she's seeking like pumpkins and are searching for more. So you decide to build a trap with the Pumpkin Patch to lie and wait for your suspects to arrive. After the bad guys received their horror of life by Lilith she's asking you to spend the time with her till she'll decend into darkness and loneliness again.

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