Marine Exploration Center
Marine Exploration Center Type Business Businesses
Cost 124,000Simoleons
Time 6,5h
Area 2x2
Unlock 35,000Pop or 70Diamonds


Unlock Cost Payout Simoleons
Star InvertStar InvertStar Invert Business Cardx12 Communityx10 Goodwillx6 Furyx6 Dog Housex4 1,250Simoleons
StarStar InvertStar Invert +20% Income Investmentx8 Consultantx10 Robot Workerx6 Entrepreneurshipx3 Animal Mascotx5 1,240Materials x10 1,500Simoleons
StarStarStar Invert +30% Income Trustx5 Ragex5 BBQx8 Innovx3 Kibbles Newx8 2,070Materials x12 1,625Simoleons


+50% Income Unityx2 Wrathx2 Tour Guidex10 Flairx7 Ribbon Prizex10 4430Materials x14 1,825Simoleons

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