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Maritime Museum
Maritime Museum Type Attraction Attractions
Cost 180,000Simoleons 45,000Materials
Energy 8 Energy
Area 3x3
Unlock 62,000Pop or 65Diamonds


Unlock Cost Population Increase
Star InvertStar InvertStar Invert
Radius = 2
5 Staff

Energyx8 60
StarStar InvertStar Invert
Radius = 3
Foam Fingerx6 Pizzx1 Medal of Braveryx5 Holidayx4 Animal Mascotx3 Simoleons5,630
x16 124
StarStarStar Invert
Radius = 4
Souvenirx6 Trustx3 Tour Guidex5 Ribbon Prizex5 Kibbles Newx3 Simoleons5,000
x24 244

Radius = 5

Ticket Stubx10 Unityx2 Groundskeeperx6 Big Ideax2 Cowbellx4 Simoleons7,500
x24 388

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