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You need to build each of the Mayan Altars to earn the collectibles to complete the Mayan Temple. Each Altar is a landmark, meaning you will need to complete all 3 levels to successfully finish the Altar. Complete the altars by using the regular island collectibles.


OK, so the 2012 apocalypse was kind of a wash out, but the Mayans still have secrets to impart! When ancient ruins are uncovered on your new land, a mysterious prophecy is revealed. Unlock the Mayans’ coded messages, rebuild the temple and steer the prophecy towards fulfillment, or face the wrath of the gods!



Altar to Ixchel Kinich-Ahau Copijcha Ndan
Image Altar to Ixchel Altar to Kinich-Ahau Altar to Copijcha Altar to Ndan
Collectible Mayan Snake Spirit Mayan Bird Spirit Mayan Jaguar Spirit Mayan Fish Spirit
Mayan Snake Mayan Bird Mayan Jaguar Mayan Fish


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