This is a limited-time quest.


Because Brad's burns haven't quite healed yet, Brad tried to look for an edge in the tournament. Brad finds an Alchemist to turn his armor into gold so that he could dazzle his opponents in the field of combat. (see Brad Goes for Gold quest)

The alchemist gives Brad a potion recipe that is supposed to be genuine 12th century but Brad thinks it has modern sounding ingredients: Cola & Cream Soda and Mocha & Macchiato. He still mixes them in an Iron Cauldron because he thinks the alchemist knows what he's talking about. (see Brad's Bottled Battle Planquest)

On the other hand, Chase believes he is beefing up nicely for the tournament because of his mead and pie diet. Because of this, he needs to find a steed that will be able to carry him (see Sir Chase the Chubby quest)

Don asked Abe to be a court jester, which Abe though would just be goofing around all day. It turned out to be mostly admin work until the Fairytale Castle's ready for the tournament. (see Abe withe Bells on! quest)

Don instructs Abe that the tournament be 'authentic', meaning that funding of the whole thing must be from the profits of 'olde worlde' businesses like the Inn and Post Mill. The player was asked to check in on Brad & Chase at the Jousting Field. (see My Way or Ye Highway quest)

Fire Chief Brad Baker drank the potion and is now out like a light in A&E (accidents and emergencies department). Chase, on the other hand, has gotten too chubby that his armor doesn't fit. A new champion needed to be found, otherwise the tournament's over before it began. Even the Haunted House and Comic Book Shop were searched. (see Which Way to Champ Camp quest)

Thankfully, the Black Knight volunteers to be the champion of the Mayor and wear the Mayor's colors in the tournament field. But the knight asks that the Mayor prove he's worthy by showing his mettle against 3 other mayors, showing lordly resolve and rescuing the princess in the Princess Tower. (see The Black Knight Rides quest)

Although, the Black Knight's armor is oiled and steel is sharp, the Fairytale Castle got delayed by the masons. (see The Gauntlet is Thrown quest)

It was revealed that the Black Knight was Anita. As her reward, the Comic Book Store was upgraded to 3-stars. (see A Fairytale Ending quest)


Brad Goes for GoldEdit

Brad's Bottled Battle PlanEdit

Sir Chase the ChubbyEdit

Abe withe Bells on!Edit

My Way or Ye HighwayEdit

Which Way to Champ CampEdit

The Gauntlet is ThrownEdit

A Fairytale EndingEdit

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