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Clear all the pieces of the oil rig disaster and use the pieces to fix and complete the disaster. You need to clear Birds, Seals, Small Oil Spill, Oil Spill, Large Oil Spill and Beached Whale.

Once those 6 items are cleared, you'll earn a "SEMA Approval" Collectible. The 7th piece is earned by completing the quest. You'll need these to complete the landmark.


There’s no point crying over spilt milk … but oil? That’s another matter! When a rig catches fire off the coast of the new island, your city’s eco-warriors must go into battle to prevent an environmental catastrophe. It’s hard work, but rewarding. Clean up the mess and salvage the rig, and all that lovely oil money could be yours!


New ItemsEdit

New CollectiblesEdit

SEMA Approval


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