Police Station
Police Station
Cost 4,000Simoleons + 1,000Materials
Unlock 2,500Pop / 5Diamonds

Police Stations can solve crime related emergencies. Each such emergency activates up to 3 police cars.

2 Stations each 2+ cars

   nearer Station 2 cars, the other 1 car

3 Stations

   each Station dispatches 1 car

4+ Stations

   nearest 3 Stations dispatch 1 car each

Crime emergencies can only occur at Businesses, Factories and Houses.

So place your Police Stations wisely!


Level Reward Required Collectibles Total Cost
Star InvertStar InvertStar Invert None Staff x3 None / 5 Diamonds
StarStar InvertStar Invert +1 Police Cruiser Communityx5 Police Badgex2 4 000Simoleons
1 000Materials
5 Energy
StarStarStar Invert +1 Police Cruiser Safety Awardx3 Police Badgex4 Teamworkx3 16 000Simoleons
 4 000Materials


+1 Police Cruiser Hardhatx4 Police Badgex8 Trustx3 Unityx2 40 000Simoleons
10 000Materials


If you interact with a Police Station, you have a chance to get : Police Badge


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