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Post Mill
Post Mill Type Factory Factories
Cost -
Time 12 hrs 30 mins
Pollution Low
Area 3x3
Unlock -


Level Effect Unlock Cost PayoutMaterials
Star InvertStar InvertStar Invert Hardhatx10 405
StarStar InvertStar Invert +20% Production Ticket Stubx5 Punchcardx10 Plowx5 380Materialsx12 486
StarStarStar Invert +30% Production Punchcardx10 Teamworkx3 Goodwillx3 Investmentx5 600Materialsx15 527


+50% Production Hardhatx12 Communityx5 Police Badgex2 Trustx1 Harmonyx1 1130Materialsx20 608

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