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Simoleons are used to purchase Buildings, Business, Attractions and Decorations. You can have up to 20,000,000 (20 million) Simoleons at a time.

How to get SimoleonsEdit

  • Collect from Businesses
  • Collect simoleons from Mayor's House every 24 hours
  • Level up when level up = (Level - 1)*500 Simoleons
  • Buy Simoleons deals with Diamonds
  • Convert Materials to Simoleons (1Materials=2Simoleons)
  • Visiting neighbor's Businesses and Houses = 64Simoleons
  • Visiting neighbor's Attractions and Facilities = 32Simoleons + 8Materials
  • Visiting neighbor's Landmarks = 64Simoleons + 16Materials
  • Done all free energy in a neighbor city = 100Simoleons
  • Friends visited your city
  • Send a Student to work at a Business or an attraction.

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