Small Diamond Vault
Small Diamond Vault Type Factory Factories
Cost 180Diamonds
Time 24h
Pollution Clean
Area 2x2
Unlock -

The Large Diamond Vault and the Small Diamond Vault are not only sharing the same Upgrade-Table of Collectibles but are also both NOT effected by a Waterfront Bonus or nearby Population. This one provides between 1 and 10 diamonds when you collect after the 24h running time.

(Personal remark: After obtaining one for about a month, I received 1 times 10 diamonds. Most of the time it provides between 1 and 4 diamonds)


Level Effect Unlock Cost
Star InvertStar InvertStar Invert
StarStar InvertStar Invert  ? TPS Reportx5 Communityx16 Teamworkx15 Goodwillx15 Furyx16 3340Simoleons
StarStarStar Invert  ? Safety Awardx5 Salt of the Earthx5 Trustx10 Harmonyx10 Ragex10 3340Simoleons


 ? Pizzx5 Expressionx8 Unityx5 Blissx5 Wrathx5 3340Simoleons

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