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Teleport Pod Factory is a Factory that can receive after finishing Molecular Monelith requests. Update: you can purchase this with diamond now.

Teleport Pod Factory
Teleport Pod Factory Type Factory Factories
Cost QR/35Diamonds
Time 22 hrs
Pollution Low
Area 3x3
Unlock Complete The Molecular Monolith Quest/67500 Population


Level Effect Unlock Cost PayoutMaterials
Star InvertStar InvertStar Invert 1050
StarStar InvertStar Invert +20% Production Goodwillx4 Furyx4 Tour Guidex6 Consultantx4 Robot Workerx6 Groundskeeperx2 1600Materialsx12 1260
StarStarStar Invert +30% Production Harmonyx5 Ragex5 Tour Guidex8 Robot Workerx8 Groundskeeperx4 2400Materialsx16 1365


+50% Production Blissx3 Wrathx3 Tour Guidex10 Robot Workerx10 Groundskeeperx6 5340Materialsx18 1575
Teleport Pod Factory

Upgrade Step 3

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