14 day timed quest introduced on Nov 8. Final reward is the Creampuff Factory.


After his son Biff wins a young businessman contest in school, a cookie company became interested in his son's animal crackers. Abe then asks the player to help him by perfecting Biff's cookies and lending 500 simoleons. (see Lions and Tigers and Bears quest)

The cookie company, Amalgamated Cookies, liked the animal cracker samples and asked that they talk about licensing the brand. Abe then asks the player to help ramp up production fast by building an Animal Cookie Factory. (see Me Want Cookie quest)

To give back the animal community because of the cookies' success, Biff asked the player to build a Hippo Pond. He was disappointed to find out that Hippos don't wear tutus, like in the cartoons. (see Cookie Dough quest)

Saying that he was bitten by the charity bug, Biff asked the player to build another animal reserve, the Panda Bamboo Park. He then asks the player upgrade the Animal Cookie Factory. He was again disappointed that the Panda's could not do kung fu like those created by animators. (see A Fresh Batch quest)

Having had enough of the animal-based cartoon lies, Biff started watching British nature documentaries on public television. He realizes that he wants to build a Biff Wing at a 3-Star Zoo. (TODO: Add aftermath of quest) (see Biff Blows his Bonus quest)

Abe was disappointed that the money was already in his hands but is now gone. It was enough to buy something he had in mind. He wonders where he went wrong. He tries to pick up a little of Biff's entrepreneurial vibe before it's gone, trying to think outside the box. He then asks the player to build a Unicorn Ranch. (see Abe's Angst quest)

He realizes that it was not good and resigns himself to waiting for Biff's next big idea, at the mercy of an eight year old. Biff spends the last of his earnings on a Creampuff Factory for the city, much to the dismay of Abe as he is lactose intolerant.


Lions and Tigers and Bears!Edit

2 Exp and 3 Business Savvy

Task Hint Diamonds to skip
Perfect Biff's Cookies 3x repeatable on Bakeries
Have Innovation
Earn 500 from a Bakery

Me Want Cookie!Edit

Task Hint Diamonds to skip
Build an Animal Cookie Factory 10
Collect an Animal Mascot 1x from Attractions 6
Collect Dog Houses x3 from Homes 24

Cookie DoughEdit

Task Hint Diamonds to skip
Earn 250 Materials from the Animal Cookie Factory 10
Build a Hippo Pond
Collect Cowbells x5 from Farms

A Fresh BatchEdit

Task Hint Diamonds to skip
Earn 300 Materials from the Animal Cookie Factory 10
Build a Panda Park 10
Have a 1-Star Animal Cookie Factory 15

Biff Blows his BonusEdit

Task Hint Diamonds to skip
Collect from the Local Bank 5
Build the Biff Wing at the Zoo 15
Collect Ribbon Prizes x10 at Businesses 8

Abe's AngstEdit

Task Hint Diamonds to skip
Earn Creativity 11
Earn a Big Idea 15
Have a Unicorn Ranch 25

No quests follow

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