This is a series of quests that was introduced in November 2012.

A new Wonder was introduced: The Atlantean Lighthouse.


An earthquake was felt in the city.? Kristy points out that it wasn't the big one but thought it was scary. To get the crisis response rolling, she asks the mayor to check if the citizens are okay. She also asks the mayor to check if the food supplies are intact by making sure that there is a Farmer's Market in the city and that Emergency Food Parcels are available. (see Great Shakes! quest)

Kristy congratulates the mayor that all the citizens have food and a place to sleep. Chief Carter also reports that there has been zero additional crime.

Kristy thinks that even though the quake is over, the city is not yet out of the woods. She encourages the mayor to check for aftershocks with Anita and her boffins. She also asks that materials be collected for repairs. (see What Just Happened? quest)

Anita gets weird readings but she's not worried that they are aftershocks. Her seismic readings show that the earthquake was not a natural disaster. Something under the water triggered the quake and there are reports of a strange building rising from the deep. She recommends the hiring of a marine research team and that fishing boats be comandeered to check the building. (see City Beneath the Sea quest)

Anita is baffled but what she saw. She says that it doesn't match anything local in the history books. She wants to get a closer look. She asks if they mayor wants to come with her.

Several smaller artifacts surfaced along with the strange undersea structure. Anita recommends that the mayor check with the University's Archeology Department if they could recognize the artifacts. (see Glyphs and Buts quest)

The Archeology Department couldn't seem to match any known civilization even with some Vision. Anita is sure that she has seen something similar before.

Anita goes back to her lab. She retrieves her earlier research and cracked the symbols. She figures out that it is an ancient Atlantean engine technology.She recommends taking the artifacts to a source of power to activate them: a 3-star Solar Panel Factory , a Mysterious Land Park and The Arcology. (see Power to the People (Atlantis) quest)

While the mayor tested the artifacts, Anita brushed up on her Atlantean. She believes that the artifacts combine to form a generator designed to power huge underwater structures.

Anita thinks that if the last part of the Atlantean generator could be found, the strange structure could be raised out of the water. In preparation for the dive, Oxygen Tanks need to be collected. (see Generator X quest)


Quest Rewards
Great Shakes! XP 3 Harmony
What Just Happened? XP 1 Bliss
City Beneath the Sea XP 3,000 Simoleons
Glyphs and Buts XP 5,000 Simoleons
Power to the People (Atlantis) 10 XP Atlantean Cogx1
Generator X 10 XP Atlantean Sealx1
Up, Up and Away! 10 XP 10,000 Simoleons
Up from the Depths! 8 XP 15,000 Simoleons
Dead Man's Chest 8 XP Atlantean Cogx2
In the Know 10 XP Atlantean Sealx2
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! 10 XP Atlantean Cogx3
Mean Mayor Mustard 12 XP Atlantean Sealx1
Self-Raising City 20 XP Atlantean Cogx3
H2OMG! 10 XP Artifact shardx6
Work It! 10 XP Atlantean Cogx5
You-topia 12 XP Atlantean Sealx2
Pop Up City 12 XP Artifact shardx6
Push for Profit 15 XP Atlantean Sealx3
To The Lighthouse 15 XP 50,000Simoleons

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