Totally Tropical

The Totally Tropical questline was introduced on 27th March, 2013.


Impressed with developments on the new Island, the legendary SimTropics hotel brand has decided to invest in your city. As you receive the SimTropics Resort and build it to 3-Star in your city, Biff and Chase are fighting for the catering contracts.

A friendly wager is formed between the two business moguls. Whoever can sell the most Frozen Bananas will win the year contract to provide fine cuisine at the SimTropics Resort. Help Biff and Chase set up this gentleman's contest and then make sure the rules aren't broken as you provide more facilities for the SimTropics grand opening.


Stage 1Edit

Stage 2Edit

Stage 3Edit

New ItemsEdit

Attractions SimTropics Resort
Businesses Jet Ski Factory Frozen Banana Co. Al Fresco Restaurant
Decorations Tropical Trees 1 Tropical Trees 2 Tropical Trees 3 Tropical Trees 4 Tropical Trees 5 Tropical Trees 6

New CollectiblesEdit

Imported Goods Peeled Banana Insatiable Chimp

Final RewardEdit

Wave Pool


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